Tuesday, July 1, 2008

MLB Trade Rumors: Brian Cashman Trade History

Brian CashmanTim Dierkes over at MLB Trade Rumors, along with Brendan Bianowica, a Villanova student, have been documenting each general manager's trade history. Today they featured Yankees GM Brian Cashman.

Check it out.



● Ricky Ledee, Jake Westbrook and Zach Day for David Justice -- Make no mistake, this was no give away. The Yankees paid a stiff price to land Justice. But it payed off (just ask Arthur Rhodes).
● Westbrook, Ted Lilly and Chrisitan Parker for Hideki Irabu -- The Yankees acquired three quality young arms for a "fat toad."


● Enrique Wilson for Damaso Marte -- Wilson's success versus Pedro aside, Marte has been the left-handed reliever the Yankees have been looking for since Mike Stanton.
● Mark Johnson, Todd Noel, Ed Yarnall for Mike Lowell -- Simply put: a terrible trade.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

The Ted Lilly-Jeff Weaver-Kevin Brown progression was just plain ugly.

Vasquez and Navarro for Big Unit was regrettable, too.

Frank said...

the Bobby Abreu deal worked out pretty well.

the Mike Lowell was by far the worst.