Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stache, Tache, Tash - Welcome Back Giambi

mus·tache -- noun Pronunciation [muhs-tash, muh-stash]
  1. the hair growing on the upper lip , often trimmed in any of various shapes.
  2. hairs or bristles growing near the mouth of an animal.
  3. a stripe of color, or elongated feathers, suggestive of a mustache on the side of the head of a bird.
  4. the source of Jason Giambi's resurgence.

Who would have guessed Giambi's dirty-blonde nose neighbor would be his most effective performance-enhancer?

Jason Giambi - The Mustachioed Slugger

The Giambino enters tonight's game against Oakland with a .263 batting average, 15 homers, and 37 runs batted in. That's a far cry from the miserable .150 mark the reinvigorated first baseman rocked on May 4th.

In the final year of his 7-year, $120 million contract (though the Yankees hold a $22 million team option for 2009), the 37-year-old Giambi has become New York's most reliable offensive commodity.

In light of his surge, Yankees fans can count on one thing: the mobile tea strainer ain't going anywhere.

"You've got to switch it up and keep things fun on this team," Giambi told reporter Bryan Hoch, acknowledging just how ridiculous he looks. "Unfortunately, now the 'stache has got to stay."

Though Giambi will obviously never approach the mind-bottling numbers he put up in 2001 (prompting the Yankees to sign him), it's certainly been a fun couple of weeks. Hopefully he can continue to protect A-Rod in the order and New York can climb back into the playoff race.

Then we can dump him in the offseason.

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