Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Rumor Mill: 1B Prince Fielder

Within Joel Sherman’s Sunday piece, the NY Post writer mentions that a surprise name that could become available on the trade market is Milwaukee’s slugging first baseman Prince Fielder.

Prince Fielder to Yankees? Fat Chance.Fat chance (Yes, pun intended). There is no way I see this deal happening. Here’s why:

He’s 24 and finished third in the MVP voting a year ago. Brewers fans, who finally have a team worth watching, adore him. His huge swing draws crowds to the stadium.

Fielder is arbitration eligible for the first time this winter but Milwaukee controls his future through 2011. So what’s the rush?

If the Brewers do decide to “sell high,” they must keep the long and short-term in sight and get players that will benefit tremendously in both regards.

Consider the package that the Florida Marlins got for Miguel Cabrera. In exchange for Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis the Marlins received Cameron Maybin, Mike Rabelo, Andrew Miller, Burke Badenhop, Eulogio de la Cruz and Dallas Trahern.

Never mind for a moment that Brian Cashman and the Yankees organization have decided to stand by their young players and build from the bottom up, who could the Yankees give up? Phil Hughes? Hurt and ineffective. Ian Kennedy? Hurt, ineffective, and likely unattractive. Jose Tabata? At least two years away and struggling at Double-AA. Austin Jackson? Again, years away.

It would take a monster package to get this guy.

Beyond that, Sherman says the Brewers are “blessed with a lot of offensive-centric players who could switch to first (Ryan Braun in the majors, Matt LaPorta or Mat Gamel nearly ready at Double-A).” So GM Doug Melvin will want pitching.

If the Yankees weren’t willing to deal unproven pitching to get the best lefthander in the game (Johan Santana), why would they deal it for a first baseman? Especially when an attractive option like switch-hitter Mark Teixeira lurks on the free agent market.

No way this deal happens. So please squash this "rumor" now so we don't have to hear about it again.

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David said...

PP- Your reasoning contains a great deal of logic, lets see if it plays out that the Yankee brass is logical too.