Friday, June 13, 2008

(R/L)HP Pat Venditte, Creighton University (620th Overall)

Ambidextrous Pitcher Pat Venditte - New York YankeesPat Venditte, RHP/LHP
Creighton, S/S, 6-1, 190
Hometown: Omaha, Ne.

Status: Signed, Reporting to Staten Island Yankees (A)

Pat Venditte, a senior re-draft for the Yankees (the Damon Oppenheimer regime selected him in the 45th round last season), is arguably the most unique player selected in the 2008 MLB Draft. Venditte is ambidextrous.

With a side-arm delivery, Pat Venditte thows at 88-91 mph right handed (his natural side) and 78-81 mph from the left. Obviously to be effective at the next level, Venditte knows he must improve his lefty arm strength. However, the Yankees are encouraged by his frisbee slider and intrigued by the possibilities a switch-pitcher could afford.

"We do think he can do both," Oppenheimer told the NY Daily News. "We'll let (pitching coordinator) Nardi Contreras and those guys decide moving forward, what they think. But he's had success from both sides, so I think we're going to give that a shot."

Using a six-fingered glove that has two webs, Pat Venditte deftly switches hands depending on whether he's facing a right- or left-handed hitter.

Venditte not only offers the Yankees the option to match up righty/lefty depending upon the hitter, by splitting his pitches between arms, he is able to pitch longer and more often before becoming fatigued.

Already working out at the Yankees player development complex in Tampa, Pat Venditte is poised to start his professional career with Class-A Staten Island. This should be a fun pick to watch.


Anonymous said...

I love this! I really hope this kid makes it to the show. Everyone wants to see a switch-pitcher!

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Do you think Pat Venditte profiles as a closer or a middle reliever?

Jeff said...

At this point, it's still considered a long shot that Pat Venditte makes the majors. Should he make it, a middle reliever is probably his ceiling.