Monday, June 16, 2008

Q&A – Spencer Lucian, New York Yankees' 31st Round Draft Choice

2B Spencer Lucian, Princeton University (950th)In the second of what will hopefully be a regular series of Q&As, today’s subject is second baseman Spencer Lucian. Drafted in the 31st round of last week’s MLB draft, Lucian kindly answered some questions via email. Again, enjoy.

PP: Entering the draft, what contact had you had with the Yankees? Were you expecting your selection?
SL: I had spoken a few times with one of the local and one of the area scouts. The area scout had seen me workout a few times, so there was some communication, but I had no idea going into the draft what was going to happen.

PP: You were drafted as a second baseman, but you’ve played all over the diamond. Do you think your versatility is your biggest strength?
SL: Versatility is certainly one of my strong points. I played mostly third this year at school out of necessity, but, since I'm not a power guy, my bat projects better if I can move to the middle of the infield.

PP: .425 batting average, .511 on base percentage. How would you describe your approach at the plate?
SL: In college, I had a very patient approach. I really tried to see pitches and get a feel for what a pitcher throws. I worked a lot of counts, and rarely swung at the first pitch.

PP: What aspects of your game do you think you’ll need to improve to succeed at the next level?
SL: At this level however, I think I need to make an effort to be more aggressive early in the count. I'm going to see more fastballs as pitchers are taught to try and get ahead early with their fastball. Additionally, pitchers' "out pitches" are, on the whole, nastier than in college, so going 0-2 or 1-2 is a greater disadvantage to me as a hitter at the professional level.

PP: Have you had any conversations with Ross Ohlendorf (ex-Princeton Tiger)?
SL: Ross is on campus during the offseason sometimes. I've talked to him in the past, but haven't spoken to him since the draft.

PP: What is the evaluation process like in Tampa?
SL: I'm not entirely sure what the evaluation process is. At this point I'm just focusing on trying to absorb the instruction I'm getting to improve my overall game. I will be starting in the GCL.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a scrappy utility player. 31st round? ill take it.

Anonymous said...

These Q&A's are great! Keep it up. It's good to hear the player's point of view. Thanks for the blog!!!

Anonymous said...

he's batting .500 in the GCL!