Thursday, June 26, 2008

Q&A – Scott Bittle, New York Yankees 2nd Round Draft Choice

With little to no ado, here is our fourth draft Q&A. Today’s subject: second draft choice, right-handed pitcher Scott Bittle. As yet unsigned, Bittle dominated SEC hitters with a 7-1 record, 8 saves, a 1.78 ERA, while holding opponents to a .145 batting average. He struck out 130 and walked 30 in 70.2 innings.

Scott Bittle, New York YankeesPP: Any updates on signing? How involved are you personally in the process?
SB: Hey sorry it took so long I have been busy trying to keep moving forward with this signing process. Unfortunately I am unable to comment on signing. All I can say is I am doing everything I can to keep things moving forward.

PP: You were drafted by the Yankees last year as well. What made you decide to return to college?
SB: The decision to come back was fairly easy. Even though I have been a Yankees fan for years, I felt like there was still things I needed to prove at the collegiate level.

PP: How closely did you follow the pre-draft predictions?
SB: I saw some pre draft predictions but I didn't put too much stock in those. As much planning that goes into the predictions, they are still a guess.

PP: You put up some ridiculous numbers this season. Can you talk about your season?
SB: Thank you. I felt like I had a successful year but my success was dictated through the performance of my teammates behind me. I was fortunate to get good run support which helped me win so many games in relief. Throughout the season I never looked at any of my stats because I wanted to focus on my next appearance.

PP: Would you describe your battery of pitches? What do you consider to be your best offering?
SB: I have three pitches: fastball, cutter, and a changeup. I feel confident in all three and my ability to throw them for strikes in any count. I mainly work off of the cutter because that is my best pitch.

Scott Bittle, New York YankeesPP: Can you describe “The Thing?” Are you excited to see what it will do against wood bats?
SB: The pitch that has been called the "thing" is my cutter. It started out as a normal cutter but over time it has evolved into something else. It has more depth than a normal cutter but I am able to throw it at a good velocity. I am excited to move on to wood bats. I'm not sure how the transition will be but I am eager to see if I can break a few.
PP: How do you feel pitching in the SEC prepares you for a professional career?
SB: Obviously there will be learning curve moving to professional baseball but I believe the SEC shortens that curve. Pitching in the best conference and going to packed stadiums give you some confidence at the next level.
PP: Were there any pitchers you watched growing up who you emulate or model your game after?
SB: Actually there has been one that I have watched since I can remember. Mariano Rivera has always been a role model for me. The quiet confidence he shows is remarkable. I looked up to him before I threw a cutter. There have been comparisons to him simply because of the name of my pitch but he is in a league by himself. I am excited about the possibility of meeting him.


Anonymous said...

Crediting teammates for his success... sounds like he has his head in the right place.

Tim said...

I hope this kid signs soon!

Frank said...

A cutter called "the thing"? Mariano Rivera comparrisons? I think we could have done worse.

Sign him up!

David said...

This is a great feature on your website, it's nice to get first-hand info from the prospects!

Robert said...

Thats my cuz! way to go scott :)