Sunday, June 15, 2008

Q&A - Mitch Delaney, New York Yankees' 21st Round Draft Choice

1B Mitch Delaney, New York YankeesCanadian-born, slugging first baseman Mitch Delaney was selected in the 21st round of last week's 2008 MLB Player Draft (650th overall). I emailed him some questions. He was nice enough to reply. Enjoy.

PP: You were selected by the White Sox last year. You were generating some interest from D1 colleges this year. What motivated you to sign so quickly?
MD: I felt that a year of college baseball it helped prepare me for the life of a professional player. After that year of college I felt that I was ready to sign and start playing instead of schooling.

PP: I read you homered in your fist scrimmage in Tampa. What does that do for your confidence?
MD: Coming into camp I was kind of nervous but ready to go and after hitting that homerun I felt much better and more confident at the plate.

PP: Can you take us through what the process is after the draft? What’s it like arriving in Tampa?
MD: After the draft it’s pretty simple. The Yankees called me up and had me sent to Tampa to start playing in the Golf Coast League. Once I arrived in Tampa I noticed how nice the complex was and also notice the extreme heat compared to back home.

PP: Have you met up with any of the other Yankee draft choices? What are your impressions of the group?
MD: I’m rooming with another draft pick (Ryan Flannery). As the days go by you meet more and more guys either coming out of the draft or guys that have already been there. After playing a couple games I've noticed the difference in skill for sure. Out here the guys are faster, stronger and just plan smarter.

PP: What area of your game needs the most work to succeed at the next level?
MD: To succeed at the next level I believe that I’m going to need to work on every part of my game during practice and even off field.

PP: You’re Canadian. Shouldn’t you be playing hockey?
MD: Haha. As a kid I grew up playing tons of hockey but I ended up sticking with baseball instead.

** Tomorrow: 31st Round Pick Spencer Lucian.


canadian born and bred said...

Well I'm sold. He had me at "Canadian."

David said...

This is a nice feature and perspective- keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Played hockey with the kid, coulda went pro there too.