Monday, June 30, 2008

Q&A – Corban Joseph, New York Yankees 4th Round Draft Choice

Corban Joseph was selected in the fourth round of the 2008 MLB Draft. The high school standout had committed to Kentucky but quickly inked a contract with the New York Yankees instead. He's in the Gulf Coast League where he has made the shift from shortstop to second base. I emailed him some questions, he was nice enough to reply. Enjoy!

Corban Joseph, New York Yankees 4th Round Draft ChoicePP: What made you forgo Kentucky and sign with the Yankees?
CJ: Well I really enjoyed the visit and thought I could really improve as a player under Cohan and Bohannon coaching me.

PP: Can you take us through what goes on after being drafted? What conversations are had with Yankee management about you future?
CJ: Contract issues are discussed and worked out then I was shipped down the Tampa for mini-instructional and rookie ball league. Mainly practicing and getting adjusted to the new setting.

PP: It's obviously early in the process but how has your experience been in Tampa?
CJ: I have truly enjoyed everyday under the management of Jody Reed he has taught me a lot about the game already in just a span of a few weeks.

PP: You are known for your bat; do you think defensively you will be able to stick at shortstop?
CJ: I will be playing second base working on becoming quicker and having the adjustment possibly playing shortstop in the future.

PP: (In High School) 15 home runs, yet only 5 strikeouts during your senior season. Can you explain your approach at the plate?
CJ: Well I was always taught to hit a good pitch and be patient. I was content with getting walked. It’s a part of the game.

PP: What area of your game do you think you need to improve to get to the next level?
CJ: Fielding is definitely what I am have to work on, but its also good that I am in the GCL where I can start learning and processing everything.

PP: Your brother was also selected (Caleb - 7th Round, Baltimore). Did you guys do anything other than baseball growing up?
CJ: I love the outdoors and fishing and hunting. Caleb enjoyed playing ice hockey in college and also plays in a band as a drummer (cold steal).

PP: So are you parents Yankees fans or Orioles fans?
CJ: Well I think it’s evenly matched. My parents are proud of us for making it this far, so I think they just enjoy the game no matter what team were on.


Anonymous said...

These Q & A's are great!!! Keep them coming. It is nice to get a feel about the players through their eyes.

Tim said...

I'm so glad we swept him away from Kentucky. He wont regret the decision!

Anonymous said...

Kid looks good in an Yankees uniform, I'll give him that.

David said...

He evidently wants to wear the pinstripes, seems to know what his weakness is and has the right attitude to improve his game.