Friday, June 20, 2008

Q&A – Clint Preisendorfer, New York Yankees 42nd Round Draft Choice

Q&A – Clint Preisendorfer, New York Yankees 42nd Round Draft Choice In our third draftee Q&A, today’s subject is LHP Clint Preisendorfer. Drafted twice previously by the Yankees, Preisendorfer has reported to Staten Island. I emailed him some questions. He was nice enough to reply. Enjoy.

PP: You were drafted several times by the Yankees. Can you take us through the draft process and what was behind your previous decisions to return to school?
CP: It’s a rather simple process, just like the NFL draft. Being picked out of high school and the year after, I felt I was too young to start a pro ball career at 17. I elected to play at a very competitive junior college, Palomar in north county San Diego. This gave me the flexibility to sign midseason while taking classes towards my business degree. The phone call was very different this year than the previous times:

"Congratulations, Clint the Yankees have picked you in the 42nd round. Are you done with school?"

"Thanks! Yes I am."

"Good. Pack your bags. You leave for Tampa, Monday."

PP: What was the evaluation process like in Tampa?
CP: I would not call it an evaluation; the physical tests for general health took all of last week. A very basic strength evaluation, EKG, heart echo, etc. They are investing all this money into you as a player; the Yankees want to make sure you are healthy and ready to go!

PP: Has there been any talk about mechanical changes?
CP: The coaching staff in Tampa has a strict 30 day policy - they do not change anything mechanically or even your weight room routine for a month. I find it a little frustrating being in such knowledgeable company and having to wait a month for changes. It’s a long road, I'm just really anxious to start.

PP: Can you describe your battery of pitches? What do you consider to be your best offering?
CP: I throw a two- and four-seam fastball, a circle change, and a mix between a curve and a slider. I consider my "slurve" to be my best pitch. I can manipulate the ball to break more horizontally at a higher speed, like a slider, or slow it down with more of a vertical, curveball trajectory.

PP: Where do you see yourself; the rotation or the bullpen?
CP: Nothing about my role has been discussed yet. All my life I have been a starting pitcher. Obviously the skill level has elevated, now I am focusing on my strengths, not what position I can fill on a collegiate team. That being said, I have begun to focus my efforts to be a left-handed specialist out of the bullpen.

PP: Who were some of the big league pitchers you admired growing up?
CP: Growing up I never watched a lot of baseball, but I admired pitchers like Nolan Ryan, Troy Percival and Trevor Hoffman. All known for being bulldogs on the mound, pure competitors who wanted nothing more but to win every time they got the ball.


Emily said...

Palomar is a Juco that produces an immense amount of talent. Good read, Jeff.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to actually develop a lefthander... hopefully this late-round pick can come through.

Tim said...

Well, the Yankees thought enough of him to draft him three times. Maybe this is a steal.

Jan said...

Keep those left-handed prospects coming- one of them has got to be the needed diamond in the rough.

Luke said...

Could not happen to a nicer guy!

Anonymous said...

is his dad the famous surfboard shaper?