Saturday, June 28, 2008

Live Blog: New York Yankees @ New York Mets (28-June)

I think I'll do a live blog today. Here we go...

LHP Andy Pettitte (8-5, 4.04) vs. LHP Johann Santana (7-6, 2.93)

New York Yankees:
1. Damon LF; 2. Jeter SS; 3. Abreu RF; 4. Rodriguez 3B; 5. Giambi 1B; 6. Posada C; 7. Cano 2B; 8.Cabrera CF; 9. Pettitte LHP
New York Mets:
1. Reyes SS; 2. Castillo 2B; 3. Wright 3B; 4. Beltran CF; 5. Delgado 1B; 6. Tatis RF; 7. Phillips LF; 8. Castro C; 9. Santana LHP

Top 1st: Santana strikes out Johnny Damon with a changeup. Derek Jeter flies out to center. Bobby Abreu (4-for-4 in yesterday's nightcap) reached on an infield single. Alex Rodriguez fouls out to Carlos Delgado. Santana throws just 13 pitches.

New York Knicks first round pick Danilo Gallinari read the Mets lineup... Pitching? "John Santana"

Tim McCarver is an IdiotBottom 1st: Jeter makes a nice play (to his right, of course) to retire Jose Reyes. Pettitte loses Easley after starting 0-2. A walk in front of Wright? Awesome. He's only 6-for-8 in the series. Pettitte walks Wright. Beltran strikes out on a curveball on the dirt (although despite its downward break, McCarver says it was a slider." Delgado flies out to Abreu. Pettitte escapes.

My fiancée, an ardent Tim McCarver and Joe Buck Hater, makes it almost through the first inning before giving me a disgusted, "I hate these idiots" face. I believe it was when McCarver said that Mets manager Jerry Manuel can quote Ghandi.

One inning in the books, no score.

Top 2nd:
Jason Giambi strikes out on another nasty changeup. Jorge Posada waves at a changeup for strike three. Cano vs. changeup = strike three. (Do I sound like a broken record?) Santana strikes out the side. Two innings in the book, 26 pitches. Anyone out there in Yankeeland wishing we pulled the trigger on this dude?

Ken Rosenthal reports that Pedro Martinez was tipping his pitches last night, widening his glove when gripping a changeup.

Bottom 2nd:
Fernando Tatis grounds out to Jeter. Former Yankee great Andy Phillips flies out to Abreu. Ramon Castro smokes a home run to center; his second of the season. Pettitte strikes out Santana to end the inning.

McCarver argues (with himself) whether or not Andy Pettitte is a Hall of Famer. What do you think?

End of two: New York Mets, 1-0

Top 3rd: Melky grounds out to Wright. Santana strikes out Pettitte. Damon bounces out to second base. Santana is brilliant through three innings: 0 runs, 1 hit, 5 strikeouts.

Bottom 3rd: Reyes, first-pitch swinging, just misses a triple... foul. Instead, he pops out to second. Easley singles. Cabrera makes a fine catch at the warning track to rob David Wright of extra bases. Beltran strikes out to end the inning.

Does anyone remember that misplay Melky had at Fenway Park during his first callup? Trot Nixon was credited with an inside-the-park home run. Who would have thought he'd be this good of a defender? Not me.

End of three: New York Mets, 1-0

Jerry Manuel can Quote Ghandi!Top 4th:
Derek Jeter works a leadoff walk. Abreu walks. A-Rod rips a single to left to load the bases for the mustachioed slugger, Jason Giambi, no outs... broken bat grounder to short. Giambi out at first, Jeter scores. Posada flies to center, Abreu scores. Cano reaches on a trickler up the third base line. Melky grounds into a fielder choice. Yankees take the lead.

Interview with Manuel: He wants to "free" and "liberate" his players. He "loves baseball." These in-game interviews are completely worthless. And I'm still checking but I don't think anything he said was a Ghandi quote.

I think I'll start throwing in some past Tim McCarver gems. Enjoy.

"Pitching is such a vital part of the game, as far as winning is concerned" (2006).

Bottom 4th: Delgado grounds out. Jeter bobbles a Tatis grounder... generously ruled a hit. The captain makes amends though, fielding a Phillips grounder and turning two.

In-game interview with Joe Girardi: nothing important said. Maybe I shouldn't complain though; the alternative is listening to McCarver.

"Bobby Abreu is so good because he has the lightest grip with his left hand in the league. He grips the bat like a pianist." (2005 All Star Game).

Four innings gone, Yankees lead, 2-1.

Santana a Yankee? Wouldn't that be NiceTop 5th: Pettitte grounds out. Damon grounds out. Jeter strikes out. One... two... three for Santana.

Joe Buck and Tim McCarver think moving Joba to the rotation is a bad move. Hats off to these guys for weighing in while this issue was still newsworthy. They made a convincing argument... it wouldn't surprise me if Boss Hank announces to the media he wants Joba back in the bullpen.

Bottom 5th: Castro flies out to right field. Santana grounds out to Jeter. Reyes grounds a single past Jeter. Easley walks (on base for the third time already) to bring up Wright. Pettitte picks Reyes off of second... a horrible base running play. Threat neutralized.

After David Ortiz hits a home run into right field. Tim: "Mt. Everest erupts again!" (2004) ummmm... Tim, Mt. Everest isn't a volcano.

End of five, Yankees lead, 2-1.

Top 6th: Santana strikes out Abreu. Alex Rodriguez draws a one-out walk. With the rain coming down harder and Giambi up, Santana balks; A-Rod moves to second. Giambi strikes out. The Mets intentionally walk Posada to get to Cano... Cano makes him pay with an RBI single to right. Melky flies out.

During Game 5 of the 2006 NLCS, on a pitch to Jose Reyes, McCarver says, “That pitch wasn’t down and in, that pitch was down and up.”

-- RAIN DELAY -- Bummer.

While we are waiting for the game to resume, here are some more Tim McCarver gems:

"Tim McCarver SucksWatch Darren Daulton use his mitt like a glove." (1993 World Series)

"Gary Sheffield just hammered the high fastball. Not many major leaguers can do that."

"If you lead off and you play every day, you're guaranteed to bat with the bases empty at least 162 times."

A quote on the screen is credited to "unknown." McCarver says, "It's unknown, it's like it's anonymous" (2003).

"It's hard to pitch around a catcher because they're used to calling pitches to pitch around hitters." - McCarver

During a pretty good at bat by Orlando Cabrera: "Yankee pitchers have had great success this year against Cabrera when they get him out." (Game 6, 2004 ALCS)

During a meeting at the mound between the pitcher and catcher, "You see Colon talking into his glove because David Ortiz, from the Dominican Republic, can obviously read lips in Spanish."

"Half of the Yankees' regulars this year have not been regulars."

2001 World Series – 9th Inning, Game 7: “Batters have a hard time hitting knuckleballs, catchers have a hard time catching knuckleballs and batters have a hard time bunting Rivera.”

Bottom 6th: Pettitte is back out there after the 53-minute rain delay. I'm a bit surprised but he has only thrown 73 pitches... David Wright promptly homers. David Wright is a Yankee killer; boy do I hate him. Beltran strikes out looking. With Jose Veras warming in the bullpen, Delgado and Tatis ground out.

We're through six. Yankees lead, 3-2.

Top 7th: Pedro Feliciano relieved Johan Santana. Feliciano strikes out pinch-hitter Wilson Betemit and Johnny Damon. Jeter grounds out to end the inning.

Unfortunately, I can't find a video of the Family Guy parody of Tim McCarver. But it went like this:

Brian: Well, I guess he couldn't be any worse than Tim McCarver at sportscasting.
[Cutaway to Tim McCarver sportscasting]
Tim McCarver: In my view, as good as the Yankees were in the first half of this game, that's how as bad they've been now.

That's about right.

Bottom 7th: Jose Veras in to pitch... gets pinch-hitter Luis Castillo to pop out to short. Castro grounds out to short. Marlon Anderson, hitting for Feliciano, singles up the middle. Reyes pops out to end the inning.

End of 7th: Yankees lead, 3-2.

Top 8th: With Duaner Sanchez pitching for the Mets, Abreu flies out to left. A-Rod reaches on a throwing error by David Wright (though he should have been out; Delgado applied the tag at first). With Giambi up, Rodriguez stole second. Sanchez then struck out Giambi with a changeup. Posada popped out.

RHP Ian Kennedy pitched for the Tampa Yankees today. Kennedy threw five shutout innings, allowed two hits, one walk and struck out four.

Carlos Beltran takes the Golden SombreroBottom 8th: Kyle Farnsworth on to pitch. Jose Molina catching; Jorge Posada moves to first. Damon Easley flew out to center. Wright hits the ball hard but Johnny Damon ran the liner down at the warning track. Carlos Beltran took the golden sombrero, 0-for-4, four strikeouts.

Heading to the ninth, Yankees lead, 3-2.

Top 9th: Cano flied to center. Cabrera is retired on a fine play by Easley. Jose Molina lines a single to right. Damon walks. Derek Jeter grounds out to end the inning. His hitting streak (hopefully) will end at 15 games.

FOX player profile: Johnny Damon ..."and he'd like to meet Ronald Reagan." What on earth would Johnny Damon and Ronald Reagan talk about?!?

Mariano Rivera's Impressive GaitSo we head to the bottom of the ninth. One last Tim McCarver gem:

Re: Mariano Rivera... "He's so impressive with that excellent gait of his, the way he walks. There's nobody that walks any easier, or comes in from the bullpen with an easier gait than Rivera. And I think that's part of the reason for his success because the ball just explodes out of his hand - hitters just can't believe he can do that."

Bottom 9th: Mariano Rivera strikes out Delgado. Tatis flies out to right field. Manuel sends familiar foe Trot Nixon (.176 lifetime against Mo) in to hit... strikes out on three pitches. Wow. Rivera made that look easy.

The Yankees Win!The Yankees win! Theee Yankees Win!


W: Andy Pettitte (9-5)
L: Johann Santana (7-7)
S: Mariano Rivera (22)

Thanks! I'll post a minor league roundup later tonight. Enjoy your Saturday night!


David said...

What is your source for checking on Ghandi comments? You are too much- very entertaining.

I'm old enough to remember when McCarver WAS entertaining...

Jeff said...

Sir, McCarver should have retired long before you did.

Emily said...

I'm not. When was that?

How do you know when Tim McCarver is saying something stupid?

When his lips are moving.

Zing! :P

Anonymous said...

Mariano may be having his best year yet! Go Yankees!

P.S. Tim McCarver Sucks.